Surefire Tips on How to Clean Stained Grout

Dirty grouts are the major contributors in spoiling the look of the tiled floors. Knowing how to clean stained grout is significant for floors, walls, and counters that look sparkly clean. Whilst tile is resistant to dirt and stains, grouts are porous in nature, which means it will absorb more grease, grime on a daily basis. 

Learning how to clean stained grout will not only prolong the life of your tiled surface but will also keep it looking at its best. Following the steps given below will help you clean any stains on your grout.

Tile and grout cleaning

Before You Start:

You might be surprised how clean you can get your grout with just some hot water and a brush. With that said, if the grout is deeply stained, there are other effective cleaning solutions that you’re likely to already have on hand. 

Before starting the cleaning task, it is always good to start with the mildest cleaning solutions. Highly acidic cleaners, like bleach or vinegar, will deteriorate and slowly destroy grout, as well as tile finishes. 

Things You’ll Need: 

  • Stiff bristle brush
  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Dish soap

Follow These Steps:

1. Prepare The Tiled Surface

Start the process by spraying the grout with hot water and scrubbing using a stiff bristle brush (or an old toothbrush is perfect for this) to remove any dirt or grime on the surface. Now follow the grout lines as you spray and scrub in a circular motion. If you have one on hand, you can also use a steam cleaner, which is very efficient at cleaning grout.

2. Make the Cleaning Solution

Create a paste of 2 parts of baking soda and one part of hydrogen peroxide. If you’re working in an area where grout is exposed to grease, add in a few drops of dish soap. 

3. Apply The Solution

Apply the mixture onto the grout and leave it to sit for around 10 to 15 minutes. Giving the cleaner time to work into the pores, this will result in cleaner and brighter-looking grout. 

4. Start Scrubbing

Grab a brush, scrub the grout lines to loosen any dirt trapped in the pores. 

5. Rinse The Tile Properly

After scrubbing, mix a few drops of dish detergent in with some hot water and use a sponge or cloth to rinse the tile and wipe up the remaining grout cleaner. 

Keep it clean

The best way to preserve all of your hard work is by applying a grout sealer. Sealers are great, they fill the pores of the grout, keeping dirt and grime out. Before applying the sealer, wait at least 24 hours to make sure the grout is dry. How often your grout needs to be resealed will depend both on the sealer you choose and how much traffic the area gets. 

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