Soft Wash Roof Cleaning DO’s And DONT’s

The roof comes in very different shapes and sizes. But keeping that roof clean will not be an easy task for anyone. You spend most of the time underneath the roof. The roofs in the U.S can be flat roofs, pyramid shape roofs, gable roofs, shed roofs, and curved roofs.

This guide will focus on roofs, as it is intended to inform the people on how those roofs can be cleaned. What should you do and what you should not do while soft washing the roof?

What To Do While Soft Wash Roof Cleaning?

  1. Periodic cleaning of your roof is needed to clean algae and moss. There are cleaning solutions available in the market to remove moss and algae from your roof which can be used with soft wash.
  2. Ensure that there is a pipe that connects to the gutter below, through which dirt can easily drag downwards.
  3. Before taking a step for cleaning, verify that you don’t have any leakage and deterioration in your interior roof deck. The dirt should not scatter in other areas of your house.
  4. Clean all your gutters, downspouts, scuppers and make sure your drain is working properly. Remove all the debris from the drain if available.

roof cleaning

What Not To Do While Soft Wash Roof Cleaning?

  1. Algae and mold grow on the roof in the humid climate. Lots of debris and leaves are available, therefore you need to remove and collect all the debris with a soft brush.
  2. Be careful before using acids on your roof. Moreover, your acidic mixture can damage your roof if it stays for a longer time.
  3. Do not stand on a roof, if you do not have a proper ladder and haven’t tided with a thick rope. Due to moisture and algae, your roof can weaken and you can slip.
  4. Do not attempt to clean your roof without consulting a professional. It is not possible that you can be an expert in all the things. Professionals know much more about the condition of your roof.


Bacteria and fungus can cause discoloration on your roof. You should always check the roof in every quarter if there is any leak and crack then you should take immediate action. It is advisable to roof cleaning once every year, but more often can be done depending on the condition.

You cannot do soft wash roof cleaning on your own, you should always hire professionals like Extreme Total Cleaning Service. We offer soft washing services in Mabank and all surrounding areas. You can follow us on our Facebook page for more updates on the soft washing service. Contact us at 903-456-4532.