How To Hire An Ideal Housekeeping Services in 2019?

Eventually hiring a housekeeping service can bring great relief, but it is only if you have done your homework properly. It’s significant to find someone who is trustworthy, particularly if they will clean your home while you’re at your job, and will take their time to do the job properly.

There could be two possibilities either you approach an independent housekeeper or a housekeeper working for a big company. Before you hire, take some advice from friends and relatives or do online research to know the ins and outs of housekeeping services. Know if individuals are better or the big cleaning company providing housekeeping services.  

Read on to this blog to know about the things you should consider when you are planning to hire professional housekeeping services:

Independent Housekeepers vs. Cleaning Companies

Many housekeepers work as independent in their own business, but you might be more comfortable with huge companies who hire their own employees. There are advantages and disadvantages to both: The good thing about hiring a cleaning company is that they manage everything from screening the employees to ensure that a background check comes up clean. If you want the same person cleaning your house every week, you should choose an individual housekeeping professional.

No matter which way you go, make sure that the company or proprietor has a license, insured and bonded business. Being bound is necessary because in case the housekeeper breaks or damages something in your home it can be covered through insurance. Moreover, the insurance will include the expense of the housekeeper if they get hurt while working.

Interview Candidates

Manage time and come up with the real housekeeping based questions and make sure that you’re through with the interview. Ask questions about what they love about their work. Why did they choose housekeeping as a professional career? Check for references, work history, knowledge, criminal history.

Grant to A Trial Period

So now you have done with interviewing and found the perfect candidate to keep your home clean. Now you’re ready to hire them and focus more on your career-oriented task? It’s a great approach to start with two-four weeks. This is essential as this will provide them some time to adjust and work as per your expectations. In case they do not satisfy you after several visits and clear expectations, then it’s clear that this relationship will not work. A trial period is the best way to protect yourself and the housekeeper.

Plan out The Tasks

Some housekeeping tasks are standard, such as sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing the showers and toilets. However, you may have to negotiate any additional tasks, such as utensil washing to laundry, to do regularly.

A housekeeper’s insurance might limit certain duties; for example, house cleaners aren’t often allowed to clean the exterior of windows. Any task requires climbing on ladders to great heights, like cleaning chandeliers to the tops of cabinets might be denied, too.

These were factors you need to consider while you are planning to hire a professional housekeeping service. If you are looking for reliable housekeeping services in Mabank, then no one better than Extreme Total Cleaning Services. With years of experience will believe in quality and customer satisfaction. That’s the reason we are the best housekeeping services in Mabank.

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