How To Clean A Leather Couch At Home?

A few bad stains and spills can easily spoil the classic appearance of your leather couch. Leather lasts forever when it is treated well and kept clean. You cannot easily wipe out your couch with wet clothes. It needs proper care and precautions while cleaning.

However, when you contact the professionals for upholstery cleaning services, they take care of your couch fabric during cleaning. Know how to clean a leather couch in 4 easy steps below.

Follow These 4 Steps To Clean A Leather Couch

1. Start with Vacuuming

You can start with vacuuming your leather couch to remove small dust particles and crumbs. However, the leather couch is not porous like other upholstery fabrics, and so the dirt can be removed easily. If you can remove your couch cushions, then vacuum them from inside as well.

2. Create a Cleaning Solution

Create a solution using warm water and vinegar, even mix some drops from a commercial cleaner. The solution can easily remove the mud or lighten the sticky stains from your leather couch. Dip a soft cloth into the solution. Moreover, the cloth should be slightly wet.

3. Dry Your Leather Couch

Don’t let your couch dry by itself, because it will absorb the extra solution and warm water also. This will weaken the leather from inside. So, always use a clean and dry towel instead of a dryer.

4. Conditioning The Leather Couch

Apply a small amount of any good leather conditioner on a small piece of cloth. Spread it on the entire leather couch. Wipe this conditioning off with a paper towel. 

Conditioners are great for your couch as it contains healthy oils and keeps the leather fresh and moisturized. After polishing your couch, leave it for an hour to make it look just like the brand new leather couch.

Need Professional Help?

Your leather couch always needs special attention, especially when you live with your pets and small kids. Many times the spills and crumbs on the couch spoil the value of your home also.

If you don’t get time to clean a leather couch on your own, then go for hiring professionals like Extreme Total Cleaning Services. We have years of experience in providing the best upholstery cleaning services in Mabank, TX and its nearby areas. 

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