How Much Does It Cost To Pressure Wash Deck?

The pressure washing machine can be helpful especially on chore day when you want to clean your dirty deck or patios. In less than 30 minutes, you can get a brand new deck as it was before. 

But a small mistake while handling a pressure washer can blast your wooden deck area. Therefore, to avoid this risk, it is vital to hire professional pressure washing service providers.

While hiring the company you may want to know the average cost to pressure wash deck. To clarify, we have provided the pressure washing pricing for decks in this blog. 

Average Cost To Pressure Wash Deck

The national cost for pressure washing your dirty deck is between $100 – $150 for 300-350 sq.ft. Also, the minimum cost is the $60-$70 for 1 hour of pressure washing deck and the maximum cost is the $250-$300 for 1-hour washing plus solvents used. 

However, the cost to pressure wash deck can vary according to the company standards and other factors. 

Pressure Washing Cost Breakdown 

  • Labor: The cost for the hard work that pressure washing experts put to clean your deck is between $60-$120 per hr. 
  • Water: The cost of water while performing pressure washing on deck is very less. Approximately, experts use 10-16 gallons per minute and for 1000 gallons of water the cost is $1.50. 
  • Material: If you have wooden decks, then the sealant is required to protect it from damage. The solvent is available for $13-$15 and the sealant is available for $17-$55 per 5-gallons. Approximately 5 gallons of sealer are enough to cover 300 sq.ft. deck area. 

Looking for an Affordable Pressure Washing Service? 

If you want to restore your wooden deck to its beautiful look, then hiring Extreme TCS is a wise decision. Over the years, we have been providing an affordable cost to pressure wash deck within time and budget. With us, you will get to know top tips on how to pressure wash a driveway

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