Guide: How To Clean Carpet Without Steam Cleaner



When you have kids and pets in the home, stains are inevitable; they will become dirty, no matter how much care you take. While this usually goes unnoticed, when enough grime gets into your carpet it can become difficult to hide. If you don’t have a steam cleaner and can’t afford one on rent and looking for a way on how to clean carpet without the steam cleaner, relax!

There are ways to clean the carpet without a steam cleaner. Here we have mentioned the top 3 methods to clean carpet without a steam cleaning machine.

How to Clean Carpet at Home Without Using a Carpet Cleaner

When you do not have enough budget to buy or rent a steam cleaner, the first thing comes in your mind is deep clean carpet is not possible. Actually, there are many ways through which you can deep clean your carpet without a steam cleaner. Here are some methods and homemade solutions work great at eliminating stains, deodorizing, and cleaning your carpet.  

Method 1: Agitate the Carpet Using The Carpet Brush

Grab a carpet brush and start removing the soil, dust, and other unwanted particles from the carpet. Now, get on your knees and use some elbow grease to scrub and agitate the carpet fibers.


Once you’ve agitated the full area, you need to run a vacuum across the carpeted floor to pick up the dirt and pollutants that you just extricated. Moreover, this process should be done every week to keep dirt and dust away from setting into the carpet fiber and making your carpet look dingy.

Method 2: Make Your  Carpet Stain-Free With Vinegar

If you cannot give a proper steam cleaning to your carpet, you can still get your carpets cleaned and smelling fresh with basic items in your hand. 

Things You Will Need
  • Homemade Hand Carpet Cleaner Recipe
  • ¼ cup white vinegar
  • Warm water
  • A bucket

Vinegar cleaning solution making

To start the process, fill the bucket with warm water and add ¼ cup white vinegar. Take the scrub brush and dip it into the bucket. Then start scrubbing the carpet with the cleaning solution. You want enough of the mixture on the scrub to get the carpet a little wet not to saturate it.  

Once you are done with scrubbing the carpet, empty the bucket and fill it with fresh water. Dip a rag, or terry fabric towel, into the bucket and start scrubbing the carpet again. Then leave the carpet for some time, so it can dry thoroughly. To increase the drying process, you can turn on a floor or ceiling fan.

Method 3: Use Baking Soda For Stain Removal

This is one of the most recommended methods when you are searching for how to clean carpet. Baking soda is a “Miracle product”. As it is the solution for many things. It can also clean the carpet stains. Additionally,  the best part of baking soda is they are inexpensive and probably available in every kitchen. Baking soda is great at removing stains and eliminating odors from the carpet, that too easily.

Baking soda for carpet cleaning

You just need to sprinkle baking soda over the stained floor, or directly on a stain. The working process is the same to other homemade floor cleaner and DIY carpet stain remover recipes. Using a spray bottle, lightly mist the soda with hot water. Let the mixture sit for at least three hours to allow it to soak up and absorb the dirt and odors. After the area has dried, use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the soda.   

These were the top 3 methods on how to clean carpet by the experts. So, now you need not worry about the budget and start cleaning your carpet using the basic ingredients usually available in the home. If you have any queries, you can call our experts at 903-456-4532.

If you are not confident at cleaning your carpets on your own, Extreme Total Carpet Cleaning professionals are ready to help you. We have years of experience and provide carpet cleaning services in Mabank and nearby areas.

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