How To Do Floor Stripping And Waxing At Home?

Over time your house flooring loses its shiny layer and becomes dull and dirty. If you simply clean these floors by a vacuum and mop, then also the original shine will not be restored. However, the clean and shiny floor always creates a welcoming environment for your guests. But, how to get this floor quality back?

To get the original floor quality back, it’s time to apply a new coat of stripping and waxing on it. The stripping and waxing will not only give a shiny look to your floors but even prevent it from other damages. Here are a few steps for your home improvement through floor stripping and waxing.

Step By Step Guidance For Floor Stripping And Waxing

1. Clear The Floor Area

floor sweeping

Once you have selected the stripper, you need to clear the affected area. Move the furniture, rug, carpet, and all the other things that come in the way. Now sweep and clean the floor carefully. If there is any sticker or tape on the floor, then remove it gently.

2. Choose Dilute Stripper

Always choose the best dilute solution for your floor and follow the instructions as mentioned on the stripper. If you have created a solution, apply to the corner areas once for testing where it is not visible. When you apply the solution on the floor and notice any discoloration, then your solution is quite strong.

3. Use Floor Scrubber

Once you apply the stripper on the floor, the process to remove the old wax starts. For this, you need to scrub your floor gently. It can be done manually or by electric floor scrubber. Over time, the corner has more build-up of dirt. While scrubbing you will notice that this area will appear duller.

4. Remove the Excess Wax

Once you finish the floor scrubbing process, remove all the extra wax from it. This can be done with the floor squeeze method. Then use a wet/dry vacuum and collect if any wax is leftover. Dry the area as soon as possible, turn on the fan, and open the windows for airflow.

Are You Looking For Professional Floor Stripping And Waxing Services?

Floors such as linoleum or vinyl can flake or become yellow due to age or too many layers of wax. Even if you clean your floor daily still it will look shabby and dull. You can strip the old wax with ammonia and vinegar but DIY is time-consuming and complicated.

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